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At the Spencer Law Group, we understand how an accident or injury can impact your entire life. That’s why it is our personal philosophy to give you immediate attention and be of service to you around the clock. We are not simply your attorneys; we are your partners, which means we are here to assist you with whatever you may need. Personal injury is our area of expertise, so let us coordinate your medical care and help you get your life back to normal. That’s the difference of a partnership.

Kelly P. Spencer

A native Kentuckian, Kelly has been empowering the people of his community through the practice of personal injury law for more than 30 years.

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Lyman S. Darby

Lyman’s practice focuses on Social Security disability, workers compensation, and criminal law.

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Jonathan K. Kurtz

Jonathan is head of the litigation team. His practice focuses on motor vehicle wrecks, premises liability, and medical and professional negligence.

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Michelle R. Atkinson

Michelle is a member of the litigation team. Her practice focuses on motor vehicle wrecks and premises liability claims.

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Richard S. Foley

Richard is a member of the litigation team. His practice focuses on motor vehicle wrecks, premises liability, medical negligence, family law, probate, and estate planning.

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William E. Brown

Bill’s practice focuses on workers compensation law.

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Colina Ford

Colina has been employed with the Spencer Law Group for 26 years. She graduated from Sullivan College.

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Monica Lacovitch

From her days at Danville High School, the law has always been a keen interest. Wanting to pursue a legal career, Monica graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a bachelor’s in paralegal science.

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Erin Galvin

Erin moved from North Carolina to Kentucky at an early age. In Kentucky, she and her mother got involved in the horse showing scene.

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Angeletta Collins

Angeletta has been with Spencer Law Group for almost seven years specializing in social security disability claims.

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Sonia Ramirez

Originally from Chicago IL Sonia moved to North Carolina and finally Kentucky back in 2007.

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