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Being involved in an accident due to another person's reckless or negligent behavior is an overwhelming experience. It frequently comes with extensive medical injuries that are expensive and time-consuming to treat.

When you have evidence that another party is responsible for the injuries you have sustained because that individual breached his or her duty of care to you, you may be entitled to recover compensation via a personal injury claim in Lexington, Kentucky. There are several different causes of personal injury lawsuits. Some of the most common include vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall injuries, and wrongful death situations.

All of these can be challenging for a victim as they represent a significant change in their life. Being injured in any type of accident has the potential to alter your day to day activities and your ability to return to work. Recognizing this, Kentucky personal injury law allows victims to file a claim in order to recover compensation for the loss they have sustained, as well as other expenses associated with the injury.

We provide guidance to individuals who have been in a wide variety of accidents or have suffered a range of injuries, including:

What to Do After an Accident

The injuries associated with a personal injury claim can be painful and difficult for the accident victim, but they may also have an impact on the family members if the victim is no longer able to work. The repercussions of a serious Lexington personal injury accident can stretch across many years and change the course of a victim’s life forever.

A personal injury victim may be entitled to compensation


Knowing that this incident could have been prevented only makes the recovery process more difficult. No victim should have to pay the price for another person’s reckless behavior, and this is why Kentucky personal injury laws allow a victim to pursue compensation. At Spencer Law Group, we take each case seriously and give you the personalized attention you need during this difficult time.

Why You Need a Lawyer

It is important to remember that you have a limited period of time in which you must file a claim. The law may empower you to recover compensation, but it is strongly recommended that you consult with an experienced personal injury attorney in order to assist you with this.

Trying to handle a claim on your own can be a big mistake, as it could lead to accepting a settlement offer that is far less than the full extent of your injuries or making other missteps that could cost you in the long run. A lawyer, on the other hand, can assist you in negotiating with insurance companies, as well as moving forward with a civil litigation claim. The process can be overwhelming for someone who is not familiar with the law. Given that you have recently sustained injuries as a result of the accident, it is imperative that you focus primarily on your own recovery and not on the legal aspects of your claim. The right lawyer can make a big difference regarding your case's outcome.

Lexington personal injury lawyers

When you’ve been injured due to another person’s careless behavior, the right personal injury firm can make a big difference. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.