Person calling an attorney after an accident

Why You Should Hire an Attorney After an Accident

Spencer Law Group July 19, 2022

Hiring a lawyer after an accident will prove beneficial while you take care of your health and medical needs. 

A lawyer can help you navigate through the negotiation process while you focus on your recovery. Lawyers, like the attorneys at the Spencer Law Group, will make sure the insurance company pays you what you deserve.

If you are injured, an experienced lawyer at the Spencer Law Group will help in 4 key ways:

Establish Damages

Experienced lawyers at the Spencer Law Group will help you to determine your economic and non-economic damages. Your economic damages are the money you lost from not being able to work. Your non-economic damages are your expenses for the pain and suffering you endured. You have only a single shot to sue for future medical bills and future pain and suffering. 

Determine Fault

A lawyer will help you determine who is at fault for the accident. Kentucky is a comparative negligence state -- meaning that when an accident occurs, damages are apportioned to both parties based on each party's level of negligence. The Spencer Law Group has been operating for over thirty years and knows how to argue your case most favorable to you.

Collect Evidence

An attorney will help you collect evidence needed to build your case and get you the money you deserve. A good lawyer will subpoena the other driver's phone records to check if the driver was negligently using the phone while driving. If you are involved in a big truck accident, a knowledgeable lawyer will subpoena the truck's safety reports that are required by the state and federal government.

Handle Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are a business with the goal of saving money after someone has been injured. An experienced personal injury lawyer will help you avoid low settlements offered from insurance adjusters. When a lawyer is involved, insurance companies offer higher settlements because they do not want to go to court and spend money to hire a lawyer to represent them.

At the Spencer Law Group, we will help you get your life back on track. If someone else is at fault for your injuries or you are only partially responsible, give us a call for a free consultation to discuss your case.