Top Nursing Home Lawsuits

Spencer Law Group July 18, 2020

Nursing Home Abuse is a serious matter especially for your loved one.

Sometimes nursing home abuse victims are financially compensated for their injuries without the need to file a lawsuit. But if disagreements arise regarding who is at fault or how much a victim should be compensated, filing a civil lawsuit may be necessary.

Here are the top types of Nursing Home related lawsuits:

Covid-19. Even after strict guidance in early 2020 by government and health organizations, Nursing Homes in Kentucky have seen a wave of cases and deaths. Many lawsuits are now moving forward in Kentucky to compensate the victims and their families.

Elder abuse is a complex sociological and cultural problem, and individual cases of elder abuse are typically caused by several factors. Some of these factors may be related to the quality of the nursing home and staff. The characteristics and personal issues of family members and caregivers are also very important in determining the underlying causes of the abuse.

Many cases of Alzheimer’s abuse go unreported and uncounted because victims are sometimes unable to communicate or tell anyone about the abuse. Even so, patients with Alzheimer’s are more likely to suffer abuse than other residents of a nursing home. This is because they are easier targets for aggressors and because they require more difficult care and attention than other patients.

Negligence is failure of nursing home staff to exercise proper care. Laws in most states exist to protect older adults and disabled people from neglect and abuse. The oversight of necessary elderly patients’ needs is sadly eminent in nursing homes across the United States. Oftentimes, staff members are undertrained or overworked. This causes carelessness, resulting in health complications for the residents of the facility.