Common Summer Injuries

Spencer Law Group June 18, 2019


Children and adults of every age are susceptible to the threat of heat-related illnesses. In the excitement of the season, we often forget to rest, wear sunblock, and drink plenty of water.

Heat exhaustion, a condition when the body becomes so overheated that a stroke becomes imminent, is easily preventable, yet thousands of people are hospitalized every year for the symptoms. Employers, day care workers, and caregivers must be knowledgeable in the treatment and prevention of heat-related illnesses. You may need to consult with a qualified personal injury attorney if you or a loved one suffers a heat stroke after neglectful care.


Lighting up the grill is a treasured American pastime, but wherever fire is involved safety must be exercised. The use of lighter fluids, hot coals, or propane can yield disastrous results, including severe disfigurement and costly property damage. Fireworks are also a common danger of summer holidays, both as defective products distributed by manufacturers and as improperly handled products by negligent party goers.

Yard Work Accidents

Landscaping during the hottest summer months is considered one of the most dangerous occupations, due to the increased risk of heat-related illness. The same risk is present for those choosing to complete their own yard work, especially when yielding dangerous equipment without proper safety accessories. Lawn mowers, edgers, chainsaws, and more require strict attention with every use, or someone could be injured as the result of careless behavior.

At times, a falling branch or dislodged rock can strike a person or damage property. If equipment is not safely stored, children can gain access to dangerous tools and injure themselves. All of these incidents result in serious personal injury claims.


Drowning is one of the leading causes of death among children during the summer. Whether at the pool, the beach, drowning deaths are a tragically high statistic every year. Sadly, these losses can be prevented with diligence and an astute attention to safety.

Auto Accidents

As the tourist season increases in popularity, automobile accidents are as dangerous as ever. Not only highway travelers but also cyclists and pedestrians are at risk for an incident involving a negligent driver. Major holidays like Memorial Day and the 4th of July will put record numbers of people on the road to travel for holiday weekends. The more people on the road increases added danger of DUIs, highway fatigue, and distractions.