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Anticipate, Communicate, and Navigate

Spencer Law Group June 28, 2022

The Spencer Law Group is capable of handling difficult cases. Even if other lawyers turn your case down, we will fight to win your case.

We were contacted by a person that had been involved in a head-on accident. Based on some circumstances with the accident, two other law firms had declined the case. Turns out, a construction company performing roadwork nearby was at fault for directing the driver to the wrong lane of traffic, and we were able to settle the case. The Spencer Law Group had the awareness to recognize that a third party was responsible because we are experienced in handling difficult cases.

Many law firms only take on cases that are easy to settle. Some law firms worry about taking difficult cases because their reputation may be damaged if they lose. At the Spencer Law Group, we accept the challenge of difficult cases!

With over thirty years of experience, we have learned some useful skills to handle difficult cases: anticipate, communicate, and navigate.


A skilled lawyer will quickly see the problem in your case and anticipate how the problem will stop you from winning. The Spencer Law Group will confront the problem early on instead of trying to hide it.

For example, if you had a pre-existing condition prior to your accident, you are probably afraid that no one will believe the accident caused your injuries. This is not the case! We know to apply the eggshell-skull rule, which states that a defendant must take an injured victim as-is.


Thorough communication with you is essential to understand the difficult situations. The lawyers at the Spencer Law Group are skilled and know the right questions to ask in order to understand and solve your legal problems.


The Spencer Law Group will navigate through the facts of the case. In order to deal with difficult cases, a lawyer must be able to identify the important key facts in your case, as these facts will dictate how the law applies in your case and possibly determine the outcome.  

At the Spencer Law Group, we do not shy away from taking difficult cases that other law firms reject. We anticipate the problems in your case early on, communicate with you, and navigate through the key facts.