10 Most Common Causes of Work-Related Accidents

Spencer Law Group Feb. 5, 2020

Work-related accidents can often be avoided and many times are caused by human error. Regardless of the cause, workplace accidents can be serious and deadly. While many workplace accidents occur in industrial settings like factories, accidents can occur in any work environment.

Here are the 10 most common causes of workplace accidents.

1. Lifting

Lifting is a common cause of injury in workplaces as people tend to lift things that are too heavy for them to lift alone. Also, many do not lift properly and use their backs instead of their legs. This causes strains and possible muscle tears.

2. Fatigue

It is important for manual labor workers to take adequate breaks. Fatigue can cause numerous psychical problems including exhaustion, injury, and poor health.

3. Poor Lighting

Poor lighting is often overlooked, but it is vital for safety. Make sure all workplace areas contain adequate lighting to prevent falls.

4. Hazardous Materials

These materials are hazardous for a reason. All employees need to be trained on proper handling and guidelines for working with these materials.

5. Violence

Workplace violence is sadly way too common and workplaces need to make sure employees feels safe. Avoiding conflict is almost impossible. If workplace violence is an issue, implementing mediation and conflict resolution can help.

6. Trips and Falls

Slippery floors and high-traffic areas are prime for trips, slips, and falls. In factory settings, improper foot ware is also another cause. Falls are a major problem even with safety measures in place. Most falls are caused by carelessness and are easily avoidable with the proper precautions.

7. Stress

Stress creates negative feelings, physical symptoms, and is linked to six of the leading causes of death. Some stress is normal to a degree, but excessive stress can affect performance and impact mental health. Make sure to keep a good support system both at and outside of work as well as living a healthy lifestyle.

8. A Messy Workplace

Messes might be harmless but contribute to a dangerous workplace. Items on the floor are tripping hazards. Messy areas can hide dangers like chemicals and sharp options.

9. Lack of Preparation

Being on the job without proper training, especially when working with heavy equipment, chemicals, and in a factory setting can cause serious and deadly accidents.

10. Mental Distractions

This is impossible to control, and it is difficult for many to leave personal troubles behind and focus on work. When your mind is elsewhere, it is difficult to concentrate on work. This is especially dangerous when equipment and other dangers are involved. Distractions can cause carelessness and decreased work performance.

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